Posted by: sophiabooksblog | March 20, 2010

Japanese Design

Japanese Design
(BNN Books)
ISBN: 978-4-86100-712-5

The use of flowers and natural elements in traditional Japanese design and patternwork is elegant and immediately identifiable. Like most aspects of their visual art, the subtle is accentuated until even the slightest nuance is significant to the meaning of the piece. Understatement, like a rock garden or drifting cherry blossom, becomes a thing to strive for and an element to focus on, rather than an overall absence or deficiency in the artwork itself.

And when the traditional aesthetics are married with modern design philosophies, the results, as seen in the aptly titled book, Japanese Design, can be staggering: an opera house, which, despite its obviously current architecture, looks like it was ready-made to host a Noh festival; Hawaiian shirts with Japanese prints–simultaneously gaudy and graceful; and porcelain tea cups, rife with simplistic geometric elegance.

A new Japanese edition of an out-of-print North American book, Japanese Design steps beyond its expected role of solely providing visual examples by including a CD-ROM of 80 full Japanese art pieces and 200 visual elements (all in EPS format) for use in your own works. Whether you are looking for sublime art to inspire or merely ruminate upon, Japanese Design likely has what you’re looking for. It is simple and gorgeous. It is simply gorgeous. –Chris


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